Black onyx is a protection crystal, I always bring it with me when I travel or go to an unfamiliar place.

It absorbs and transforms negative/ low vibrational energy which includes from people, environment and sometimes yourself.

For example, anger, jealousy, depression have a very low energetic vibration, whereas love has the ultimate highest vibration.

Check out this chart below!

The best thing I have learned in 2017 was following my intuition. My feelings used to be messy due to fear. Fear of unknown, fear of traumatic experience, conditioned fear by society, etc. It screwed up my intuition and made me over sensitive to energy.

The world is a complicated place, if you are going through similar experience it is important to feel protected first. Keeping an onyx and meditate with it were one of the first steps I took.

Aside from its protection, this “rock” also helps to prevent draining of personal energy and it brings strength during difficult times. If your job is draining you, set an onyx on your office desk.

If you can’t get an onyx, it’s okay to wear black because colors have their beneficial properties. There are people dedicate their entire lives studying and practicing color therapy and color marketing. It works in an unconscious level. After all, fast food restaurants do use orange and/or red to make you feel hungry.

My jeans are from madewell, it’s pretty old so they don’t have it anymore. I think any grey jeans would look cute with black tshirt.

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  1. Crystals are so fascinating. I love having rose quartz around for love and good vibes, but onyx sounds like something I should definitely add to my collection. This look is so perfectly street style and chic. Love it!

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