I can’t believe this blue sweatshirt from Zara is completely sold out, it just came out last week.

The grey one below is similar fit, just a different color.

This outfit is inspired by Sodalite.

It’s such a beautiful and calming crystal. Just like the night sky, the more you look at it the more you’re drowning into its depth.

Sodalite clears the mind and empowers logical thinking. I would gift this stone to someone who is a bit  defensive, impulsive and/or unrealistic in nature.

I can be a shopaholic, in fact, I was a shopaholic. Meditate with sodalite has brought great improvement to my rationality, especially when it comes to shopping.

My next goal would be using this crystal to help my emotional eating. Sodalite has been used by generations and generations to transform emotional behavior into rational behavior. That being said, women during PMS should def keep a sodalite in the purse ;p.


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