Rhodonite – Valentine’s Edition

I remember my first boyfriend, it was in fifth grade.

All the girls in my class had a crush on him because he was the cutest boy with natural curly hair who also happened to be really smart. I didn’t want to admit that I had a little crush on him, but my heart raced and my cheeks blushed when our eyes met.

How I miss those innocent days!!

It turned out he felt the same. Few weeks into the new semester, I started receiving love letters from him. I was terrified. In China, that’s a crime! Schools were really strict and my parents were even more strict. He wrote to me almost every day about how his day was and how much he liked me. Sometimes the letter came with little gifts like books and chocolates. By the end of the semester, I had a desk full of love letters. (How cute?!)

One day, someone stole my letter and reported to the principle. We got in trouble. He transferred to a different school.

That was the end of my first love, and I was devastated that my parents would find out from the principle so I destroyed all evidence – took the letters and threw them all into a lake near my house.

Life goes on, I’ve encountered many men but never received another hand written love letter.

If I could send a crystal to my little self, it would be a rhodonite. A crystal that blocks out jealousy.

Everyone knows about rose quartz, it is the stone for self-love and unconditional love. The stone for relationship is actually Rhodonite. (you can get one here)

I especially love the look of it, pink and black, just like every relationship has its duality, light and dark, happy and sad. It reduces and protects against jealousy, and it’s been widely used to amend broken heart.

When I say relationship, it’s not just great for romantic relationships. It’s also an amazing stone for friendship, family and work relationship. Rhodonite’s calming and gentle energy is absolutely kid-friendly, too! :p

Get my outfit:
Vee (check out her blog here)  and I headed to Lady M for some tea and coffee, of course and cake!

If you are going to pick out a crystal, I would highly suggest to pick out a Rhodonite.

Humans are social animals, it’s almost impossible to live a life without having any relationships. A little Rhodonite can keep it calm and peaceful, because let’s honest the world is a loud place.

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  1. Both of you ladies look so gorgeous and I love ROSE QUARTZ! Also…literally everything at Lady M looked absolutely incredible!

  2. That is such a cute story, although sad he had to transfer and you had to destroy the evidence of his undying love. Rhodonite is such a pretty stone, this post was so interesting!

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